• Allison Pittman

The Night Heaven Sang

by Phillip D. Williams, 2007

“Silent night, Holy night,

All is calm; All is bright…”

(Written by Joseph Mohr/Franz Gruber)

Do you remember the nights, those very, very special nights?

The nights when stars shined brighter than most of the time.

Oh, what nights they were.

In the still of the nights, one could almost hear heaven’s

angels sing.

How I wish the return of those nights we could bring.

The season has come, and the days are here.

But something is missing, that draws it all near.

The host of heaven basking against the deep dark sky.

Children are singing carols they greet passers by.

Stockings are hung by the chimneys with care.

But there is something …missing in the air.

Recalling the days of Christmas of long, long ago

They were more than just holidays…you know.

There existed feelings of excitement as the earth lay

paralyzed in the snow.

How I long for those days when even it seemed,

The world would wait for angles to sing.

“Suddenly, the angel was joined by a vast host of others—

the armies of heaven…praising God.” Luke 2:13

Lord, grant us this season those special nights when all around snowflakes did fall. Though trapped in our homes, it never mattered at all. Let us relive the nights, where ever we may be as we listen intently to hear heaven sing. Amen

Silent Night was written in 1818. The first instrument on

which the carol was played was the guitar.

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