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The Gift Closet

The Gift Closet

Benda Blanchard, 2001

“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: …to break every yoke?” Isaiah 58:6, NIV

Why fast? What am I seeking? To change circumstances or me? Am I desiring God’s way, or doing things my way and expecting God to perfect?

Recently, the Lord called me to a fast, but not the traditional “no food” kind. In meditating over Isaiah 58, He reminded me a fast is a character-building experience.

The Holy Spirit kept pointing me to the closet in my home dubbed “The Gift Closet.” New knick-knacks, collectibles, and other niceties line its shelves for Christmas giveaways.

Finally, I heard Him.

Give up frivolous shopping. Skip the garage and estate sales too. Instead, spend time in prayer and writing for me.

Jesus prayed and fasted for forty days while being tempted. And, He did not fail. Like Him, we have physical, emotional, and spiritual assaults that confront us. Only through prayer and fasting can certain strongholds be rooted out of our lives.

Although curtailing shopping seemed rather drastic, browsing in stores had become like an addiction for me. I had allowed idleness to keep me from God’s desire for my life.

My husband seemed particularly happy with this latest revelation. When I asked him if he’d been praying, he laughed and gave a big grin.

Free me, Lord, from the bondage hindering my growth in You.

Align me to Your heart’s desire.

Sanctify me in the truth through Your Word.

Teach me contentment.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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