• Allison Pittman

Froeliche Weinachten

Wanda Littles, 2006

“My grace is sufficient for you…. “ 2 Corinthians 12:9

On the morning of the Christmas program, I grabbed my favorite white knit knee-high socks and the rest of my things and began to get ready. Quickly I had to get groomed, dressed, eat, and walk to my school in Stuttgart, Germany.

At school, I went to Fraulein Wurst’s room to practice. As I entered the stage, I snagged my leg on something, looked down, and saw this big hole in my knit sock. I kicked off my shoe and twisted my sock sideways As I was prompted to go on stage, I saw it begin to wind its way back towards the front.

In mortal shame I began my speech, “Die Amerikanische Schule….” I spoke loud and clear trying to drown out the fact of the big hole that I just knew everyone saw.

I finished and ran off stage, tears falling. Then I felt a gentle squeeze. It was Fraulein Wurst.

“Leibchen, what’s wrong?” Haltingly I told her. “Believe me that’s not what they noticed. The guests were amazed at your perfect German accent, not your socks.” The tender grace in Fraulein Wurst’s words had the reassurance I needed and all was right.

Thank you Father for your Grace Gift that comes wrapped in swaddling clothes. Amen

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